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Stomach Flu IV - $349

Info & Benefits

Say goodbye to the discomfort and misery of stomach flu with our specialized IV therapy. Our potent blend of fluids, electrolytes, and essential nutrients will help alleviate symptoms, restore hydration, and promote faster recovery. Convenient, safe, and effective, our stomach flu IV therapy is the perfect solution for getting back on your feet instantly. Get our Stomach Flu IV drip treatment at home, work or on the go, today, in Queens, Long Island and NYC.


  • Rehydration – Replenish lost fluids and electrolytes
  • Nutrient Delivery – Replenish lost nutrients due to loss of appetite
  • Symptom Relief – Helps alleviate nausea, vomiting, and other uncomfortable symptoms.
  • Faster Recovery – Help recover more quickly by supporting the body’s natural healing process.

Treatment Time: 30-60 minutes

Ingredients: B-Complex, B12, Vitamin C, Pepcid, Zofran

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